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 Learn from the best
NORISS is a leading provider of training and assessment services with more than 30 years experience in onshore and offshore industry.
 Onsite Training
Our specialize training assessors can facilitate the entire training course at your premises for your members of staff.
NORISS guarantees that participants who commence training program conducted by NORISS will be able to complete their training should unforeseen circumstances.
How it work?
There is a huge need to institutionalize training activities for crane operators and management to improve their professional competence. This will not only lead to an improvement of the safety skills industry in Malaysia and
the development of a more efficient and competitive safety skills industry, but also will narrow the gap towards
complying with rules and regulations.Vocational training is a key element for the labor market to function correctly, to create employment, to promote workers both personally and professionally. It is also an essential factor in corporate competitiveness and the quality of services and goods. There are various operators of change that strongly influence the development of the safety skills sector.

When a training programmed has been delivered, it is important to know whether the programmed has met the expectations of the trainee and off the employers. When the trainee returns to the company after a day course it is hopes that they will be able to be positive and enthusiastic about the course.To identify whether the course really fulfill the needs of trainees, it is recommended that the trainee be asked to fill in a questionnaire about various items of the course.

The development of examinations should be based on the situation and circumstances in Malaysia. The following elements have been consideration:
• Available time for attending courses and taking examinations
• Cost of examination
• Organization of the examinations
• Reliability
• Examinations in relation to American Standard (APi)
This courses complies with APi STANDARD RP2D / RP2C / SPEC 9A
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